Michael Beltran

Michael Beltran


Michael Beltran, real name Cedric Bonnet, is belgian deejay/producer who started his official career in 2008. Off course he was allready driven by dance music since he was 12 years old. He walked a long road with important musical encounters before he released his own first single. At the age of 16 he discovered that one of his neighbours was a world known house dj. This unusual neighbour wich Michael had met, appeared to be Junior Jack. He had a great influence on Michael’s career.

Also around that time Michael started working with a great belgian producer ‘Philip D’, who allready had created great dance tracks (f.e. Armani & Ghost, Cherry Moon Traxx, Dj Peter Project,..). Together they’ve recorded Michael’s first single ‘Getaway’, wich became the themesong for the TV-project by JIM and Neckermann: JIM Getaway. The song became a summerhit in Belgium and Brazil, so Michael’s career was launched and many tracks followed.

Beside composing and producing dance tracks, Michael also started deejaying. As his music gained much airplay on radio and tv stations, he soon was asked to play in many belgium clubs and on many great parties. Here’s a little summary of venues, partyconcepts and festivals where Michael played up to now;

- Noxx (Antwerp), Riva (ex-The Temple)(Destelbergen), Café Local (Antwerp), The Villa (Antwerp), Sunset Festival, Retro Arena, 20 years Kinepolis Antwerp, Zuri (Knokke), Sylvester Night (Knokke), Summerfestival, LaRocca (Lier), Reflex (Westerlo), Room (Herent), Carré (Willebroek), Tomorrowland, Club Royal (St. Niklaas), Cafeïna,…

Always working on new tracks and always in need of a great party, keep your eyes open and your ears focused for Michael Beltran.

Releases; Getaway, Can't Get Enought ft. Jessy, Feel Alright, Je t'aime, Empathy,...


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