Niels Feijen

Niels Feijen


Niels Feijen a boy with a lot of big love for house music and young upcoming talent from Antwerp. He heard house music for the first time in the year 2003. Through the years Niels developed himself as DJ because he became fascinated by this music and decided to focus himself on the decks & mixing nice tracks in the year 2005 till now.

He had a great feeling for what the party people want to hear and developed an energetic Balearic combination from deep house, house, minimal house, tech house, classic house with a lot of vocals. In 2009 Niels's career developed even more rapidly than it did before. Niels starts to develop himself as an national/international professional DJ and want to bring the music with a Balearic vibe and hope the people like his style of the non-commercial house music. Over the years he has been invited to many clubs/beachclubs/outdoor events/bars/shops.



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