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Turned my birthday into a lifestyle!!! Last night was so much fun @marqueeny 🔥🔥🔥 Special shout…
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@sartekmusic hahaha asshole!
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Bahahaha, 2008 vibes!!! So disturbing when this track came out!!!! 💪🏽Time flies.. #tbt…
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RIP Prodigy 🙏🏼 #MobbDeep
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Chuckie has virtually become a phenomenon in The Netherlands. His rich musical past as DJ & producer is what sets him apart as one of the “house” scene’s elite. Chuckie’s been frequently referred to as the “mix-king”, primarily due to his unique ability to weave various styles and genres together effortlessly and without compromise. These traits along with his energetic presence have lead him to break international boundaries. Chuckie was born in 1978 in Suriname (South America), where he developed a love for music at a very young age. His musical taste embraced various genres which enabled him to appreciate the range of artists he was exposed to.

When Chuckie decided to expand his horizons and move to The Netherlands, as did his knowledge and passion for music. He started Dj-ing at private parties for friends and before he knew it, he slowly began making his mark as a prominent hip-hop DJ that continued evolving into the electic house DJ we’ve all grown to love and appreciate. Nowadays he has proven to feel really comfortable in the House scene. Chuckie’s drive to explore and discover new techniques and sounds is what helps him push the envelope and challenge his colleagues and listeners one step at a time. His accomplishments did not remain undercover for long, this young man pulled down 4 awards (2004-’06) as well as a nomination for “Best Dance DJ” boosting his credibility alongside heavyweights like Armin van Buuren & Tiësto.

Chuckie has laced audiences with his unique “dirty” house sound at various platforms and clubs around Europe, including major festivals as Mysteryland, Loveland, Dance Valley and his own pride and joy – Dirty Dutch (a concept that he designed to expoit all of his musical influences under one roof). 2008 marked the 4th year (back2back) that Dirty Dutch sold out prior to its showdate, in addition – it also has its on stage within the Mysteryland festival. What started out as a highly successful concept at the Heineken Music Hall (cap. 5,000), has now moved to the Amsterdam’s RAI (cap. 20,000).

The international music scene officially took notice of Chuckie when he opened ID&T’s much revered and publicized festival – Sensation White (worlds leading Dance Event) in July 2008. David Guetta openly expressed his affinity for Chuckie’s talent and invited him to spin at his “F*** Me, I’m Famous” party in Ibiza’s Pacha club. In addition Guetta also added Chuckie’s “Toys Are Nuts” (a co-production with Gregor Salto) on his highly praised sophomore compilation album distributed by the Ministry of Sound label. Chuckie’s charisma and undeniable talent has made an impression at every international festival and club he’s had the privilege of playing. The SOHO Rooms in Moscow is a prime example of how he was able to take audiences to a new level of euphoria (something his peers were unable to accomplish). Chuckie is committed to simply doing what has worked for him his entire career – “his thing”, in other words his unique ability to mesh styles along with his passion and boldness. This is a sure fire way for Chuckie to engrave himself on the international music map upon which he’s strategically navigated himself throughout the years. His fate is in his hands and he’s just getting started.


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