Complete line-up for Pollerwiesen Festival As previously announced the PollerWiesen Festival will take place again at the R… Read more
17 May 2017
Legacy Festival 2017 Over the past three years, Legacy Festival has established itself as one of Belg… Read more
10 May 2017
The Sugarhill Gang Live Hot on the heels of the bands sold out come back tour in 2016 which took them ar… Read more
28 Apr 2017
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31 Mar 2017
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27 Feb 2017
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11 Jan 2017
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14 Dec 2016
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31 Oct 2016
Kozzmozz is celebrating 21 years in two rooms For our 21st anniversary we will go beyond. Kozzmozz will be touching down in th… Read more
28 Sep 2016
Full programme for ADE 2016 is unveiled today The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) announces the complete program for the upcoming… Read more
22 Sep 2016
Record number of visitors for Oasis Marocco The second edition of Oasis Festival welcomed Dixon, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Ma… Read more
20 Sep 2016
Pioneer Introduces the DJM-450 – Two-channel mixer A new two-channel mixer is joining our range: the DJM-450. Inheriting features a… Read more
14 Sep 2016
Pioneer launches iPad and laptop DJ-controler Want to start DJing? Look no further than the DDJ-WeGO4 – the perfect piec… Read more
14 Sep 2016
Pioneer launches DJ-app for iPad Pioneer DJ is releasing WeDJ, a DJ performance app that makes it easy for a… Read more
14 Sep 2016
This Sunday Pollerwiesen closing event On August 7th 2016 the PollerWiesen season 2016 ends at Cologne’s Jugendpa… Read more
07 Aug 2016
Untold Festival welcomes Top 5 DJ's of the world This summer Transylvania will become one of Europe’s most coveted capitals… Read more
26 Apr 2016


Holiday-packet (aka combitickets) zijn uitverkocht én de camping staat ook helemaal vol! Toch mogen wij zo'n...
@RadioFG_be • 26 May 2017 • 17:41
Check the playlist of X-ian online & in real-time via KUVO #KUVO
@RadioFG_be • 23 May 2017 • 23:16
Die avond in tolerant, kleurrijk en openminded Brussel! The Belgian Pride 2017 met naast FG residents DOUBLE...
@RadioFG_be • 21 May 2017 • 15:21
Let us entertain you tonight with the best music in town :) 18h dj licious 19h Delafino 20h Roger Sanchez 21h...
@RadioFG_be • 20 May 2017 • 19:00
Wil jij morgen de aap uithangen op UNDERCOLOR Jungle Edition: Nicole Moudaber, Jay Lumen, Uto Karem of ben jij...
@RadioFG_be • 19 May 2017 • 17:48
Bart Abeel, voorzitter van Antwerp Pride, die deze zomer 10 jaar bestaat, kwam onze luisteraars warm maken om...
@RadioFG_be • 19 May 2017 • 17:18
Win 1 van de twee duotickets voor het night-luik van KLANK presents Made In Antwerp! Mail 'Made in Antwerp' naar...
@RadioFG_be • 19 May 2017 • 16:41
T was gisteren een feestje in i-fitness Berchem! En zometeen vliegen we ook nog eens t weekend in! #jajajaja...
@RadioFG_be • 19 May 2017 • 15:56
@LegrandLennert @JoostSchelleken Boeeeee Lennert ;)
@RadioFG_be • 18 May 2017 • 20:40
@JoostSchelleken @NathalieH_xx Thx4theLove Joost!
@RadioFG_be • 18 May 2017 • 20:40
RT @_PETwEetRrr_: 🎧 #nowplaying @RadioFG_be via #dabplus #Norkring #Vlaanderen #radiofg Retro Dance ClashX! F*ckin’Good Music @DJWout
@RadioFG_be • 18 May 2017 • 20:39
Live en extra Happy Hour! #lieve #annie
@RadioFG_be • 18 May 2017 • 19:06
Are you ready to dance? Dit is onze line-up voor vanavond: 18u Radio FG live vanuit i-fitness Berchem 20u OP...
@RadioFG_be • 18 May 2017 • 19:04
Vanavond om 21u live op ForPlay voor een interview en DJ-set: Lucas & Steve! #radiofg
@RadioFG_be • 17 May 2017 • 14:47
NIEUW! Naast toppers zoals: dj licious, Delafino, Claptone, Mr Grammy & Roger Sanchez kan je vanaf vanavond...
@RadioFG_be • 13 May 2017 • 21:09
@RadioFG_be • 13 May 2017 • 20:40
Wil jij aanstaande zondag 'van donkere sferen' opsnuiven in LaRoccaClub tijdens het nieuwe concept Kammermusik...
@RadioFG_be • 12 May 2017 • 17:26
Dimitri d'Anvers staat volgende week voor de vijfde keer op de MainStage van The Belgian Pride maar ook andere FG...
@RadioFG_be • 12 May 2017 • 16:50
Jammer genoeg geen live uitzending van HMEWRK, maaaar we hebben leuke vervanging voorzien! 21u Ostend Beach...
@RadioFG_be • 11 May 2017 • 22:28