3rd edition of Cirque Magique Festival!

3rd edition of Cirque Magique Festival!

The third edition of Cirque Magique is impatiently waiting to set its stages on fire and surprise its audience with a very magical experience! After presenting an amazing line-up consisting of 57 national and international heavy weights, it is time to shed some light up the unique decors, our wonderful themed festival and its atmosphere. Hold on tight for a whirlwind of visual highlights, sublime bites, magical acts and for the little ones: brilliant animation!  And all of that on top of our top of the bill contemporary electronic musical program.


Cirque Magique has a reputation of capturing the audience with magic. Those who haven’t visited the festival yet, will not be disappointed! Enter a world in which just about anything is possible and discover a place in which magic transcends reality.

This year we invite you to embrace and discover our motto “Together in Orbit” in unique ways. Landscaping the festival has always been a challenge and this year the set up will be reflecting an Orb surrounding its entity. Cirque Magique encourages you to enjoy the festival both actively and interactively.

Our concept is translated on our four stages: stage hosts are set aside so that there’s not one static denominator in the music presentation and that the public can be surprised by unexpected musical surprises. Enjoy the mysterious Imaginarium stage, discover the theatrical Circodrome and watch how the romantic Luna Volante will be flirting with your wildest dreams. The Arcadia stage will light the happy camping grounds on fire!  South-Africa’s Artescape collective will as usual decorate the stages. Together with Hexa Structures, Opsys Deco, Gipsy Deluxe and Papaya Project they will create a fairytale world. A world Cirque Magique is so well-known for.

In good tradition the festival will be filled with countless circus performances. Let yourselves be blown away by our fire-breathers, acrobats and stilt walkers, dressed in the most amazing costumes, carefully designed by Circodance. Following our ‘Together in orbit’ philosophy, also the circus acts will be presented as if “in orbit” with the festival flow. New to this year approach is that the audience will be triggered by circus acts on all the stages and every corner surrounding the field. The public will not only be spectators but also part of the show as they will be able to participate in acts, workshops and will get to put their own mark on the festival. Cirque Magique resolutely chooses interaction: it is a festival ‘from the people, for the people’.

Just like last year, there will be a cashless paying system. Don’t worry about looking for lost coins. You will be able to upload an amount to your festival bracelet before and on the festival and will be able to pay on the entire festival ground. The organization will also transfer the amount that you did not spend back into your account. Easy, safe, fair and efficient. More good news is that Cirque Magique will cater for bicycle riders coming to the festival for the day. Bicycle trails will leading to the festival will be communicated beforehand and security will be covering the bicycle storage facilities.

Catering is our party to your senses. As ever Cirque Magique only brings the most qualitative products to each of its visitors.  Fast food trucks are consciously left behind and our mini food truck festival will surprise you with authentic and artisanal dishes.

In this magical setting, there will obviously once again be a place for the small ones. Children between 5 and 12 years of age will be able to explore a specially designed area: Kids Magique and this from 12h00 till 18h00.  And this year, they can join for free. Let them explore the world of circus in an educational and playful manner by participating in crazy animations, cool workshops and breathtaking acts, also taken care of by Circodans.

Music wise Cirque Magique has always chosen the way of the underground and that’s no different this year. An advanced program has been carefully selected with the best electronic music the scene has to offer and in such a way that we do not only cater for those with great musical knowledge but also for circus-lovers and feel-good enthusiasts alike. That diversity is reflected in our line-up. We were able to attract no less than 17 international heavy weights to our impressive lined, going from acid house over hypnotic techno to uncut retro classics. Artists like Adriatique, Stephan Bodzin, Monika Kruse, Matthew Dear, Andhim and Damian Lazarus travel the world with their phenomenal beats and will surely shake the Ledegemse fields on their foundations. Next to all this international power, Cirque Magique has always offered plenty of chances to national and local talents. Pilose, Adrian, Koodoo & Lamaz and Ode Maen & Massaar are without doubt equally qualified to surprise you with class! And then we haven’t even mentioned our own superstars as Charlotte de Witte, the greatest national techno reference of the moment or dance legends as Mike aka P.U.S.H, Yves Deruyter and DJ Ghost… You can find the complete line-up per day and stage under here!

Cirque Magique invites you all to come and be part of our event. Enter the world of acrobats, stilt walkers and fire-breathers and let yourselves be hypnotized by our magical decors and costumes. Cirque Magique is a place where you will forget about your daily worries and where you can embrace a musical adventure that’s great for body, mind and soul.


Cirque Magique: be the magic !!!


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