Beats of Love & Electro is not Dead present WOOP WOOP

Beats of Love & Electro is not Dead present WOOP WOOP

Remember that riot rave Etienne De Crécy caused during 8 Years Culture Club in ICC in 2010? Or that time Crookers turned Ghent’s Make Up Club into a sheer madhouse in 2008? Or how about when Proxy made the crowd go hysterical at I Love Techno in 2009?

Those were golden times.

And now, here we are … Splendid news for everyone who’s nostalgic about those early 2000s where raving was life and electro music was king. December 9th will be the day the Earth stands still and hard-boiled electro beats will rise again. With a star studded international line-up in the form of ETIENNE DE CRÉCY, CROOKERS and PROXY in combination with a hell of a venue as we’re setting sail for the ESKIMOFABRIEK - we’re heading undoubtedly to one of the messiest parties of the year. 


Starting off with this grand monsieur who’s a key figure in the French capital's rise as one of the world's leading dance and electro music hubs, during the 1990s: ETIENNE DE CRÉCY. Few French producers can claim to have been as influential as de Crécy over the last twenty years and then especially between 2004 and 2010. He has peddled his talent under several different guises, including Motor Bass and Super Discount. He has worked closely with French new wave honoraries Air as well as Alex Gopher and Philippe Zdar. Just the thought of having him with us on December 9th, gives us instant goose-bumps.

Joining us as well are electro priests CROOKERS! This Italian producers duo, aka Francesco "Phra" Barbaglia and Andrea "Bot" Fratangelo, was formed in 2003. They achieved their big breakthrough in 2009 when they hooked up with U.S. rapper Kid Cudi on the U.K. number two hit "Day n' Nite”. In 2011 Bot left the group to pursue a solo career, leaving Phra to carry on the Crookers name alone. With numerous remix credits for artists ranging from the Chemical Bros to Kid Cudi, Crookers certainly shaped a generation of clubbers.

A high energy electro rave wouldn’t be the same without Russian producer PROXY. He has made a name for himself as a mysterious maestro. His strangely spellbinding sound has commanded dance floors all over the world. Without losing the modernity of his production, Proxy incorporates the raw sounds that inundated the bass scene.  He has worked with Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Moby, Peaches, Tiga, Boys Noize and many others. He asserts, “My music tells you what to do, but never why. Your ear may be afraid, but your body completes its labor.”


Throw in Ghent’s most notorious electro duo and ex-Culture Club residents GHENT BANGERS, the clashing sounds of experienced electro-ravers WHO ARE WE, the swishing electro smashers from BIGGY & SMALLS and the psyched up razor beats from U.M.S., and you’ll get a reunion that will be highlighted in the book of Memorable Party Stories. So buckle up, because things will get messy and things will get trashy. The floor is our battlefield, sound is our weapon. Let’s gather, let’s rave, because electro is not dead. 


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