Ampere Open Air

today 5 September 2021my_locationMiddenvijver

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Enough is enough, it is time to wake up from this long winter sleep.
On Sunday the 5th of September, we welcome you all for the long-awaited second edition of Ampere Open Air without any further excuses.

But keep in mind, this is not a live stream, so get off your couch.
The AOA crew is working hard on a reboot of the entire system.
There is hope, there is light, a date and a line-up so be alarmed.

Because on this Sunday, we will finally become one solid force again and be free to create beautiful memories and lasting friendships.

But above all, we can finally dance together again.

Begin 5 September 2021 H 12:00
End 5 September 2021 H 23:59
Location Middenvijver
Address Blancefloerlaan
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